Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Living the Life Conference

Although a bit overdue, I wanted to share my Living the Life weekend with you. Hopefully next October you'll share the weekend with me!

Friday night was so inspiring. Seeing all the women arrive was exciting and scary all at the same time! The James Roots Band opened the weekend and they are just plain gifted! Such passion. How cool that men are excited to participate in a Women's Conference! The only woman in the band, Molly Richey (bass player and vocalist) has one of the sweetest hearts and a sweet voice as well.

The speakers were fantastic both Friday and Saturday. I was blown away by the talent in one city! I'm still amazed at the organizational skills and talents of Rochelle Roots. Most of all, her humility shines through.

I performed Dirty Little Secrets, an original drama on Friday night. I first performed this drama at the SHE Fellowship Conference in 2006. It's my very first original drama. Thanks to Alene for encouraging a dream.

I met some wonderful ladies on Friday night at my table. Thanks to those of you who stopped by and introduced yourself. Thanks to my sweet daughter, Ellen and my wonderful friends Tabatha and Susan for working my table! You gals are the best!

Saturday started out with my friend Susan getting her finger severed in a door...yikes! Boy is she tough! If I'm ever in an emergency situation, someone get me Susan! After a visit to the ER, her finger was reattached and she never once complained. She even took pictures with her own cell phone! Crazy woman!

I was privileged to lead a break out session with my talented friend Alene. Speaking to women is definitely her gift and I was excited to get to share the stage with her. Thanks again to Amanda for your encouraging email about our break out session!

Right before Laura's amazing talk, I performed "Change Your Pajamas" and was accompanied by Guy Boatman on the keyboard. I was honored he would agree to play and hope to work with him again soon. He and his precious wife, Theresa just became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy! If you liked Guy's music, check back soon for upcoming cd information you won't want to miss!

I was so excited to meet so many new friends at the conference and to have lunch with my new friends, Mary and Shonda. These ladies have an amazing passion for the Lord and we had such fun together. I hope to get the chance to spend time with both of them in the very near future. Check out Shonda's blog for conference pictures. There's even one of my in my silly pajamas near the end of the slideshow!

A very special thank you to those of you who shared your chronic illness stories with me at the conference. The woman who shared of her MS, I'm still praying for you! To the woman with breast cancer, keep fighting! To the woman who shared her battle with lupus, the woman with fibromyalgia, the woman with chronic pain, the woman with depression...I think of you every day. I pray for you. I love hearing from you. I will always love hearing from you. I'm standing with you...always.

With hope,

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Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sis..
Come to my blog when you can, I have 2 awards for you. Thanks for sharing about your conference. I just got back from our Women's Retreat our theme was Sistah Soldiers, in the Army of The Lord. I lead a workshop and my hubby and I and some of the gals played and sang in the worship team. It's good to see you, it's been awhile since we both had a visit with one another.

Hugz Lorie