Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tagged by Storm

I've been tagged by Storm and I'm not feeling too confident about my answers, but here goes!


1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Wow! Ten years ago, my son DiMarco was five months old and I was physically struggling to care for him. It was a joyous moment in my life because I just had a sweet, healthy baby boy. But it was one of the darkest times in my life health wise.

2. What are 5 things on your "To Do" list?
Pay bills.
Study the book of Job.
Field trip on Thursday.
Finish this meme.
Find a quality videographer.

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
Oh, good grief!
Marble Slab Cheesecake Ice Cream
Strawberry Squeezer from Keva Juice
Heath bar (especially as a mix in with cheesecake ice cream!)
Nutter Butters
Chips and Queso

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.
Buy a house and car for my mom and cover her needs, pay off our house and truck (and bills), buy a house with a big backyard for my kids, pay for college for all 3 kids, my husband would be able to start his own business, pay for retirement, save, invest, vacation with my husband and kids, and care for family.

5. Name some places where you have lived.
Michigan, California, Minnesota, Texas.

6. Name some bad habits you have.
To name a few...being critical of others, yelling, overeating, procrastinating, and on and on...

7. Name some jobs you have had.
Let's see...ice cream scooper, cake decorator, professor's assistant, secretary, teacher, preschool director, caseworker for attorney, director of ministry development, volunteer coordinator, outreach minister and I'm sure I missed a few.

8. Name those whom you are tagging.
I'm not sure yet.

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