Monday, January 26, 2009

Need Your Help

I'm busy preparing for Refreshing Hope which begins next Monday. It's a motivational, inspirational class for women living with chronic illness. I can't wait to get started and next Monday will be our first meeting.

That's where YOU come in! If you live with a chronic illness, please consider leaving a comment for me in answer to the following question:

What is the ONE thing you do for yourself that makes living with chronic illness just a bit easier?

Now I'm not saying anything makes living with illness EASY, but what is it you do for yourself that takes the edge off just a bit? I have never been much for pampering myself, but after living with CIDP for many years, having a pedicure is something I do for myself that makes life easier for me. It's a treat and it's a healthy thing for me.

Now it's your turn!

What is the ONE thing you do for yourself that makes living with chronic illness easier?

With HOPE,


Amanda said...

I make new scarves that no one else has so that way I always look different.

Lana said...

I make sure I laugh every day. Even if it means watching Turner & Hooch for the millionth time.

Laughter releases endorphins. Powerful medicine.

Lisa said...

I'm eager to hear more about this! Let me know how it turned out
Lisa Copen
Rest Ministries


I love to digital scrapbook and also design new overlays for my biz - I used to love to quilt and cross-stitch, but living with rheumatoid arthritis has destroyed my ability to do that with my hands. the computer let's me still use my creative side!

Amanda said...

Miss you GIRL!!