Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fat Lip

I'm desperately trying to get caught up on some writing while my younger two are getting louder and louder playing next to me. They're not doing anything wrong...it's me...trying to accomplish something when I should just be enjoying my kids.

Ten minutes later...

Funny I would post the above because right in the middle of my thought process on what to write, my youngest starts screaming and I turned around to see her mouth covered in blood. It seems she wanted what my son had and just thought she would TAKE it. She found out the hard way that doesn't work out too well. The toy slipped right out of my son's hands and hit her smack in the mouth, splitting her top lip.

So now she's on the couch with a wet rag on her already fat lip and my son is dancing in front of her trying to get her to laugh and forget about the pain. Time to go be a mommy...I wouldn't trade these days for anything!

What's going on around your home today? Fat lip anyone?

With HOPE,

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DA Wagners said...

These are the days!!!