Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Snaps For Me!

Today I scheduled my next IVIG. Snaps for me! I didn't wait until the last minute this month. I took the hint when both the pharmacy and my home health nurse called and left me a reminder. Hmm...Ya think they know me pretty well? Anyway, my shipment should arrive on Friday and I'll have the infusion later next week. Hopefully the treatment will lessen my nerve and joint pain.

Today I felt a ridiculous amount of joint pain, especially in my wrists and ankles. I guess wearing heels is out of the question for a few days. Oh well, I guess it's flip flops for me!

I found out today I will be able to attend the GBS-CIDP Foundation International Symposium in November and I can't wait. I've never been to one of these before and I've heard they're very informative and encouraging. I can't wait to meet people I've come to know online. If you're planning to attend, would you email me at let me know you're going? I'd love to see you there.

Tonight I'm filled with refreshing hope,


Phil Kinnicutt said...

Looking forward to meeting you at the Symposium!

Phil Kinnicutt
GBS/CIDP Liaison in Hawaii
Board Secretary

Alene said...

Love ya girl.

Hope-in-Motion said...

I would love to attend the gbs-cidp convention. I live in southern calif so it would take a lot in order for me to attend. I do have a cousin in chicago that I would be able to stay with. The timing though might hurt my chances also, since it would be right before Thanksgiving, not to mention it will be cold by then. Brrrrrrr...just the thought of that bone chilling wind that chicago is so famous for! Oh well, I will leave it in God's hands.
Keep writing those post girl so we can get the word out to the masses about our mutual diagnosis.
In God's love,
David Hines

DA Wagners said...

It's always awesome to claim some "snaps" for yourself! I'm totally stealing that word!