Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FDA and Gamunex

For those of you with CIDP I'm sure you've heard the news!

It seems that the FDA has approved Gamunex for treatment of CIDP. This is the current IVIG I receive and have for some time now. From what I can figure out, Gamunex has been designated as an orphan drug to treat CIDP. Not sure what that means other than financial incentives for manufacturers.

This is obviously great news because I received the announcement from GBS-CIDP Foundation International as well as it being all over the internet for over a week now. Hopefully someone has the answers to my questions...

My questions are: What does this mean for those of us with CIDP? Does it mean the cost of Gamunex will likely go up or down?

Does it mean Gamunex will be harder or easier for me to get?

Does this mean Gamunex will be available to those without health insurance?

I'm thrilled because this is a step of progress and any step forward is a step in the right direction!

Exciting and hopeful days ahead!

With hope,


markincleveland said...

Gamunex go down in price???? Surely you're kidding. Gammunex has been on allocation to CVID patients since January. Some of those patients have been on who have been on Gamunex (or the predecessor products) for over 20 years. Why would they reduce the price, when they are selling all they can make?????
Additionally, over 50% of Gamunex is being sold for off label usage.

Araceli said...

Sounds like a step forward. I hope you get all the answers that you are seeking.
Love ya,