Monday, March 17, 2008

Friday's Infusion

What an eventful day Friday was!

I remembered to take the three vials of IGG out of the refrigerator first thing in the morning to let them warm up a little. I think I'm going to have to take it out even earlier next was still freezing!

Randi (my nurse) was right on time as usual. I know I've said it before, but she's the best. She's so thoughtful and incredibly skilled, not to mention I just love her to pieces! Usually she gets everything set up at my kitchen table while I finish up morning emails. When she's got everything set up, I go in the kitchen where she puts the needle in my arm and gets the IV going. Then, I move to the living room and get comfy!

This time, we hit a vein and blood went shooting everywhere! It definitely wasn't Randi's fault. It was beyond her control. Blood went all over my clothes, the floor, everywhere. It was pretty gross even to me and I have a strong stomach when it comes to blood. I wasn't worried about the blood or the mess, for that matter. What I was worried about was having to do the whole thing all over again. Luckily, Randi kept that from happening and soon it was business as usual.

I usually lay on the couch for the majority of the day. The treatment can make me dizzy, nauseous, and give me a terrible headache (as well as other fun side effects!) so I try to just watch tv or read. We're done in time for me to pick up my younger kids from school, but I don't feel well enough to drive any farther than that. Then, it's back to the couch for me!

A fellow blogger left me a comment recently, asking if I felt safe having IVIG at home. I wouldn't have felt safe having these infusions at home when I first started twelve years ago. I felt I was safer in the hospital if I were to have any type of reaction. After years of frustrating hospital visits and unsanitary conditions, I feel much safer at home. My nurse wears gloves, washes her hands, and uses the proper hygiene. In fact, as far as hygiene, home is much more sanitary. After having IVIG for so many years, my chances of allergic reaction are slim, although never zero. I feel safer with Randi than I would with a nurse in the hospital who wouldn't come for ten minutes after I pressed the call button! Safety with home infusion seems to depend entirely on personal circumstances.

As far as side effects this time, I've had pretty intense joint pain, but no headache. I can't complain although I feel like I've been hit by a truck...ha! God has provided a treatment that keeps me functioning and I'm living a blessed life!

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