Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Sock Search Continues

Awhile back, I shared my struggle to find comfy socks. Unfortunately, my search continues. I ordered a pair of so-called "diabetic" socks without lines. I had them on about ten minutes when my feet began to burn like fire! It was excruciating! I had ordered these online about four or five weeks ago and waited in anticipation for what I thought was going to be the "sock find" of the year...only to be extremely disappointed when they just didn't work for me. (For those of you unfamiliar with CIDP, our sensory is out of whack and can be extremely painful at times.)

If you have any suggestions or know where to find all-cotton, no seam, non-binding socks, please leave me a comment. I've really enjoyed your other suggestions.

If you're joining us from the Blog Party...glad you're here! Grab a cup of coffee and take a look around.

The sock search continues, my bloggy friends...


Anonymous said...

I've found Euro Socks to be very comfortable for my CIDP feet.



Kristen said...

I'll check it out...thanks!