Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thanks to my bloggy friend, Al, I'll be trying something new with my IVIG tomorrow. It seems an experienced nurse shared that, of all things, high fat snacks help during infusion. I have no idea how they help, but I sure will enjoy them!

My nurse is great about making sure the infusion doesn't go too fast. Usually we start no later than 9:00 a.m. and are finished around 2:00. I seem to be able to tolerate any length longer than four hours pretty well. It used to take eight hours and that was unbearable!

My sweet hubby usually calls during my infusion and asks if I need lunch. This is such a thoughtful thing for him to do considering his busy schedule at work. I'm so blessed! Not sure, but I'm thinking Jason's for hmm good! It's always better with a Diet Coke, but I gave those up. So glad I did because I feel much better now.

I'm ready to feel better, but I always hate to have IVIG. It gets old doing this month after month. I'm very grateful this works, though. Just ready for tomorrow and the next five days of feeling bad to be over with. Off to bed...I have to make sure my pajamas are clean and ready to wear during my infusion tomorrow! There's just something about my comfy pjs that make it all better!

Night nite.


Anonymous said...

I assume you have looked at the GBS/CIDP Foundation International web site:

There is a wealth of information and ways to contact others with the same thing you have.

GBSFI Liaison for Hawaii

Kristen said...

I have checked out the foundation web site and found out more information there than from my own doctor. What do you do as the liaison for Hawaii? Thanks for your comment!