Friday, April 25, 2008

Survival and Support

I've been spending time lately on the CIDP foundation website. I've heard some of the most amazing stories of survival and I'm in awe of the strength of these chronic disease survivors. If you're stopping by my blog from the forum, welcome! Put your feet up, grab a cup of coffee, and feel free to leave me a comment to let me know you were here. There's no substitute for support and we're in this together!

In trying to answer the meme questions in my last post, I realized I truly am a survivor. I always thought of that as bragging, but I don't really care what people think anymore. (I'm wearing big girl panties today!) Here's why: I am a survivor. You're reading this blog, which means you're likely a survivor as well. There's not one ounce of pride in that statement. My strength is not my own. In no way is my survival cause for pride. In every way is my survival a statement of faith. Leaning into my faith and relying on the Lord is my only means of survival. That may sound cliche, but it comes from my heart. My hope is that you too are leaning into your faith for survival.


♥ Joyfulsister ♥ said...

Aloha Kristen, I went to Alene's blog and decided to come and visit. I got to do my first meme and tagged Alene *U*. I also live with a severe chronic illnes of my liver,and I too consider myself a survivor. But the Lord has been faithful and the Joy of the Lord is my constant strength. I may have a chronic illness, but it doesn't have me. thnaks for sharing and I will be back to visit again.. Lorie

Kristen said...

Welcome Lorie! Glad you stopped by and thanks for sharing. I'm off to check out your blog...Hope to hear from you again soon!
Many blessings,