Sunday, April 13, 2008

Traveling and Laughter

We're back from a whirlwind trip to Dallas this weekend. We went up to pick up a used Suburban we purchased and we're thrilled with the truck, but exhausted from the trip!

If you've traveled with CIDP for any distance, you know it can be uncomfortable. If I sit for very long my symptoms increase and this can get extremely frustrating. We stopped more often on the way home, which helped, but traveling with CIDP is difficult no matter how many stops you make!

The truck has a DVD player in it with headsets which is something new for our family. The kids were watching a movie that I couldn't hear without a headset. All of a sudden, all three of them busted out in laughter at the movie they were watching. Without knowing what was so funny, Chris and I began laughing right along with them. We were laughing just because our kids were laughing and as a parent, there's not a more beautiful sound than your child's laughter.

I couldn't help but wonder if God feels the same when His children laugh. Does He laugh when I laugh? I believe He does. My parental love for my children pales in comparison to His love for me. He probably evens laugh when I make silly mistakes or act goofy, just like I do with my kids.

His loudest, strongest laugh undoubtedly comes when I delight in Him and draw near to Him. When my heart softens and I'm transparent and "real", His laughter must ring through heaven!

Hoping you find comfort in even the smallest laugh today!

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