Wednesday, February 27, 2008



God must have a sense of humor. Why else would He have made such strange things on the end of our legs?

I'm not fond of feet. In fact, they kind of gross me out. My husband refers to my toes as "sausages". I admit, he's right. I have incredibly chubby feet...Incredibly chubby. As a woman, my feet are probably the only body part I don't really mind being chubby. My toes also go in order from tallest to shortest and this is one thing I actually like about my body. Hee hee...

Today, my feet are aching so bad I could just scream! They're throbbing just under the balls of my feet through the top just below my big toes. One of the perks of CIDP, I guess.

I had a pedicure just last week and it felt wonderful. If you have CIDP or any type of neuropathy, please consider indulging yourself a little and having regular pedicures. I resisted doing this until a few months ago because I hated the idea of spending the money and of someone else touching my feet! My feet are much healthier now and it's amazing how good a pedicure makes me feel. Finding someone who can do a pedicure the right way is the hard part.

Aching feet somehow keeps me grounded. The pain makes me stop and realize the strength I have isn't my own. "Be still and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10) Maybe I wouldn't "be still" if I didn't live with pain. I can't live with CIDP on my own. I can't even get through one day on my own. My strength comes from you, God. I am nothing on my own...just a woman with chubby feet!

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Ellen said...

Haha, feet!

i HATE feet!! but thats ok. I'm praying for you and your aching feet. I love you!
LOve ELlen