Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday was certainly super! We watched the game with friends while our kids all played and had a wonderful time. The game was disappointing until the last quarter even to ME and I could care less about football. Unless, of course, my son is playing! The food and the company was great, but I ate a little too well if you know what I mean. I went a little overboard on the ice cream tonight (AND the pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate!). Holding my head up through the football game was a little difficult, but I'm praying this is just a temporary issue due to fighting this cold. The swelling in my hands and feet is still there, but it's not any worse.

We witnessed two glorious baptisms this morning at church and I was reminded of that mountaintop moment in my journey. How unworthy I am of such marvelous grace!

Communion was powerful, but difficult because we held the elements and all communed together. My hands seem to shake almost every time I hold the small cup and the piece of cracker now. This is so frustrating to me and I find my focus shifting from the sacrifice and the glory of God, to my stupid shaking hands and the spilled grape juice in my lap! Ugh! Oh well...such is life! I need a raincoat for my lap I guess! Ha!

I think I have the egg-thing down now for breakfast. I ate breakfast again this morning and had Whataburger for lunch. The burger gave me a migraine and I hopefully learned my lesson this time. My challenge this week will be to carry a healthy snack in my purse so I don't find myself starving between meals. I'll grab an apple, cheesestick, or granola bar and put it in my purse tonight before I go to bed. I'm hoping if I don't let myself get so hungry, the shaking will subside. I have to fast Monday night though, in order to have my blood work done Tuesday morning. I don't want Alene coming after me!

Have a great week!

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