Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Did It

Thanks to a couple of great friends, I did it! I fasted last night and had my blood work done this morning. Thanks to Alene and Araceli for holding me to this. I got the kids squared away this morning, got ready for work, and headed straight to the lab. There wasn't another soul in the waiting room, so I signed in and they called me back immediately. It was absolutely seamless. It couldn't possibly have gone any smoother. Yeah Quest Labs! I'm calling Dr. B in the morning to make an appointment next week for follow up for my labs and to schedule my Nerve Conduction Study. Waah!

As I walked back to my car from the lab, a lady using a cane was walking slowly across the parking lot. She was maybe ten years older than me, wrapped in a shawl and was obviously struggling with the strong wind. She was carrying a book and her purse and she dropped her pen when I was about 6 or 8 steps away from her. I told her to hang on and I'd get it for her, which was funny to me in a strange sort of way. As I picked up her pen and handed it to her, she looked at me with great big tears in her eyes and said, "Thank you so much." I told her it was not a problem at all and continued on my way. I smiled to myself thinking that to anyone else, I would've been moving much too slowly and they would've picked up their own pen. To this lady, though, I was more than capable. I was sad for her because she looked so distraught and it occurred to me that my life is so blessed. I can walk to my car, pick up a pen for a stranger in the parking lot, go to work, and do so much more than the sweet lady I met today.

Are you able to walk? Then get out and WALK in the beauty that surrounds you! Can you lift weights? Then go to the gym and LIFT until you're a sweaty mess! Can you stretch? Then STRETCH and feel the burn! We're all at different levels of physical health. Make the best of the level you're at and challenge yourself to rise to the next level.

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