Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Great News

I received great news yesterday!

First of all, when I arrived at Dr. B's, the office told me Dr. B was no longer in network, which means the coverage isn't as high. Not a huge deal, but testing like the Nerve Conduction Study can be expensive out of network. By this point, there were was no way I was leaving. So, I just told her that I was prepared to pay 100.00 and I asked her to go ask the doctor what exactly I should do now. As I thought he might, he said "Take the 100.00 and get her back here! She'll never come back if you don't!" Maybe he knows me pretty well, huh?

Now for my news...The Nerve Conduction Study showed no dramatic worsening since my testing over a year ago! Thank you, God! The changes weren't enough for concern and we agreed to continue my treatment as we are now. As for the swelling...not sure yet. My cholesterol was 219 which should be below 200. That was frustrating, but not devastating. My dad had high cholesterol and my lifestyle hasn't been the healthiest. So, not much of a surprise here. Dr. B was quick to say, "The medicine I think you should try is...", which was quickly followed by me saying "No way!" I absolutely will NOT take medicine until attempting to get this under control with diet and exercise. I'm not a fan of any type of prescription medication unless I HAVE to. Have you guys struggled with this or do you have any suggestions for me? (I'm sure all the eggs I ate for breakfast didn't help any...ha!)

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Alene said...

Great news, is GREAT news!!!! Thanks for sharing your journey.